Corporate Social Responsibility

UDC Corporate Social Responsibility Report

As an organization playing a key role in the development of Qatar, United Development Company’s (UDC) business practices are closely aligned to the wider goals of sustainable economic and social development in Qatar. Therefore, the Company employs the highest standards of corporate social responsibility across its entire portfolio. These standards cover the welfare of employees, the environmental consequences of project activities, community services and volunteer work, as well as responsible and transparent corporate governance.
  • Corporate: making choices that sustain our businesses for the long term.
  • Social: acting in ways that respect people and protect the environment.
  • Responsibility: expressing UDC’s character through words and actions.

Responsibility towards Employees

UDC believes that attracting and retaining the best possible people is important. Therefore, the Company has provided a workplace which people would want to work in, a work environment and culture where all employees are treated fairly, and a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community at large in Qatar. UDC seeks to provide opportunities for training and development to all its employees, ensuring that our people have the skills, capabilities and ability to be the best they can be.

Responsibility towards Our Environment

United Development Company is committed to caring for the environment as evidenced by the attention it gives to incorporating sustainable development programs into the Company’s business decisions and practices. The Company’s efforts focus on issues covering appropriate management and recycling of waste, environmentally friendly processes and packaging, optimization of energy consumption in all Company operated and managed projects and developments, use of environmentally friendly technologies such as district cooling, regular training and events designed to highlight environmental issues and initiatives, and constant awareness campaigns to reduce environmental impacts and use of natural resources through efficiency, innovation and performance monitoring.

Responsibility towards Our Community

UDC contributes to the economic and social well-being of the people of Qatar and the GCC because it recognizes the deep interdependence of healthy businesses and healthy societies. The Company has invested substantial financial resources to fund initiatives that foster economic, social, educational, health and environmental stability, improving as a result the quality of life in Qatar.

Responsibility in Corporate Governance

Since its incorporation, UDC has always maintained a good record of compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. It has constantly reviewed its management control system to maintain transparency and accountability, as well as to enhance the Company’s overall performance.

2016 CSR Activities

As an organization playing a key role in the development of Qatar, UDC’s business practices are closely aligned to the wider goals of sustainable economic and social development in Qatar as part of the wider 2030 vision

UDC has been involved in numerous CSR activities in 2016, such as hosting an awareness campaign to fight diabetes on World Diabetes Day, which was held at The Pearl-Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar Diabetes Association. The Company also celebrated the global environmental initiative of ‘Earth Hour’ through turning off non-essential lights in all buildings and facilities in the various areas of The Pearl, for one full hour, to reinforce the message of energy preservation for future generations and the adoption of a green environmental-friendly lifestyle.

Other initiatives included a number of strategic partnerships that aim to empower the role of social institutions and to support local entrepreneurs, in line with UDC’s belief of the importance of encouraging small and medium enterprises and emerging ventures by giving them the appropriate platform and opportunity to launch and develop their businesses. The Pearl-Qatar has hosted in this context ‘Al Maqtoora Bazaar’ during Eid Al-Fitr and ‘Career Awareness Week’ both in collaboration with Bedaya Center a supporter of Qatari start-ups and organizer of each of these initiatives. The Pearl-Qatar has equally embraced one of the most important community projects of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development during 2016, within the first phase of the National Reading Campaign, as part of its efforts to promote a culture of reading enthusiasts among residents of Qatar with a special focus on children.

A major highlight of 2016’s CSR activities geared towards the wider community and nation, The Pearl-Qatar played host to the World Road Cycling Championship – Doha 2016, making Qatar the first country in the Middle East to host this global event. As such, The Pearl succeeded to reflect a brilliant image of Qatar to the broad audience of the championship around the world.

The Pearl-Qatar also witnessed the opening of branches of the Ministry of Interior and Traffic Directorate in Medina Centrale. This again underscores UDC's commitment to the comfort and benefit of residents of The Pearl-Qatar by bringing vital service points to the Island while supporting the State of Qatar to easily access and extend its services to one of Doha’s fastest growing communities housed at The Pearl.

In 2017, the Company will continue to further enhance this CSR awareness throughout its entities, and further develop its commitment whilst taking into account other CSR aspects.


United Development Company takes its social responsibilities very seriously by demonstrating the Company’s belief in the importance of good citizenship, active community participation, sound environmental policies and good governance in improving transparency and establishing a socially responsible and effective corporate culture.


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