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The Pearl-Qatar Sparkles with Ramadan Theme and Spirit

May 16, 2018 / News

United Development Company (UDC), one of Qatar’s leading public shareholding companies and master developer of The Pearl-Qatar, has finalized preparations to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. UDC has festooned the island with special lighting, decorating palm trees, lampposts and roundabouts to reflect the authentic essence and beauty of Ramadan across The Pearl-Qatar.

In line with tradition, UDC decorated the island with special structures inspired by the spirit of the holy month, while illuminating The Pearl-Qatar’s main entrance gate where a moon-shaped structure was erected to welcome visitors.

Structures depicting the various phases of the moon have also been established on top of light poles lining the main driveways leading to Qanat Quartier, Medina Centrale and Piazza Arabia – the facade of Porto Arabia - in addition to all main roundabouts. Palm trees were also lit along main roads, creating a joyful ambiance across the island.

To ensure a smooth shopping experience throughout the holy month, retailers will open their doors to visitors in the morning from 10am until 2pm, and in the evening from 8pm until midnight. Amongst many other options, visitors can shop for Arabic incense, oriental perfumes, gift baskets and Ramadan sweets.

Restaurants across the island, meanwhile, will be serving Iftar and Suhoor to visitors and residents, who will have the opportunity to savor some special Ramadan special dishes in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

Also, in keeping with the Ramadan spirit, three mosques at The Pearl-Qatar have prepared to welcome an influx of worshippers, including the Grand Mosque at the island’s entrance. Prayer rooms throughout Porto Arabia and Medina Centrale will also be open to the general public.


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