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UDC decorates The Pearl-Qatar with thousands of lights

March 25, 2019 / News

United Development Company (UDC), a leading Qatari public shareholding company and master developer of The Pearl-Qatar and Gewan islands, has completed its latest decorative project across The Pearl-Qatar with the installation of 2,700 lamp lights and LED mesh lights covering over 2,900 meters of the island’s facade walls.

The project aims to enhance the decorative facade structures of The Pearl-Qatar and its boulevard walls as well as the illumination of palm trees and the landscape stretching from the underpass up to Qatar Cool’s junction in addition to the Porto Arabia boardwalk.

The new lighting project will create an enchanting atmosphere across the island, bringing The Pearl-Qatar to life with colorful lights from sunset to sunrise.

A total number of 134 palm trees stretching from The Pearl-Qatar’s main entrance to Qatar Cool’s junction have been equipped with lights while 220 palm trees along the Porto Arabia boardwalk have been illuminated.

Another 2,780 LED light sticks including ,2100 spike light ups were added along The Pearl-Qatar’s boulevard while LED mesh decorative lights were installed along 2,900 meters of The Pearl-Qatar’s underpass facade walls.

This pioneering initiative is part of UDC's efforts to enhance the customer experience across The Pearl-Qatar, which is welcoming an increasing number of residents and visitors through its attractive shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings.


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